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अगर आप कोई फॉर्म या कार्ड सरकारी सेवाओं से संबंधित बना रहे हैं तो उसमे आपसे NCO code या उसके समक्ष जानकारी भरनी होती हैं तो आप इस लिस्ट में से देख भर सकते हैं।

16111Field Crop and Vegetable GrowersAgriculture
26112Tree and Shrub Crop GrowersAgriculture
36121Livestock and Dairy ProducersAgriculture
46122Poultry ProducersAgriculture
  5  6123Apiarists (Bee Keepers) and Sericulturists  Agriculture
69211Crop Farm LabourersAgriculture
79213Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm LabourersAgriculture
89214Garden, Horticultural & Plantation WorkersAgriculture
99215Forestry LabourersAgriculture
109216Fishery and Aquaculture LabourersAgriculture
119999Other (with Description)Agriculture
127531Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers and HattersApparel
137533Sewing, Embroiderers and Related WorkersApparel
148153Sewing Machine OperatorsApparel
159999Other (with Description)Apparel
  16  5112  Transport ConductorsAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  17  5165  Driving InstructorsAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  18  7231Motor Vehicle Mechanics and RepairersAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  19  8321  Motorcycle DriversAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  20  8322  Car, Taxi and Van DriversAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  21  8331  Bus and Tram DriversAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  22  8332  Heavy Truck and Lorry DriversAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  23  8344  Lifting Truck OperatorsAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  24  9122  Vehicle CleanersAutomobile & Trasnportatio n
  25  9331Hand and Pedal Vehicle Drivers (Cycle Rickshaw and Cart Puller)Automobile & Trasnportatio n
269332Drivers of Animal-Drawn Vehicles and Machinery (bulluck cart, horse carriage etc.)Automobile & Trasnportatio n
  27  9999  Other (with Description)Automobile & Trasnportatio n
  28  2264  Masseur/ MassagerBeauty & Wellness
  29  5141  Hairdressers, BarberBeauty & Wellness
  30  5142  Beauticians and Related WorkersBeauty & Wellness
  31  9999  Other (with Description)Beauty & Wellness
324213Pawnbrokers and MoneylendersBFSI
334214Debt Collectors and Related WorkersBFSI
349999Other (with Description)BFSI
  35  7211  Metal Moulders and Core MakersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  36  7212  Welders and Flame CuttersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  37  7213  Sheet Metal WorkersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  38  7221Blacksmiths, Hammersmith and Forging Press WorkersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  39  7222Tool Makers and Related WorkersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  40  7223Metal Working Machine Tool Setters and OperatorsCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  41  7224Metal Polishers, Wheel Grinders and Tool SharpenersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  42  7233Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Mechanics and RepairersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  43  7234  Bicycle and Related RepairersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  44  7311Precision Instrument Makers and RepairersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  45  7313Jewellery and Precision Metal WorkersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  46  7314  Potters and Related WorkersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  47  7315Glass Makers, Cutters, Grinders and FinishersCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  48  8142Plastic Products Machine OperatorsCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  49  9329Manufacturing Labourers Not Elsewhere ClassifiedCapital Goods & Manufacturin g
  50  9999  Other (with Description)Capital Goods & Manufacturin g
517111House BuildersConstruction
527112Bricklayers and Related WorkersConstruction
537113Stonemasons, Stone Cutters, Splitters and CarversConstruction
  54  7114Concrete Placers, Concrete Finishers and Related Workers  Construction
557115Carpenters and JoinersConstruction
577122Floor Layers and Tile SettersConstruction
597124Insulation WorkersConstruction
607126Plumbers and Pipe FittersConstruction
617127Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration MechanicsConstruction
627131Painters and Related WorkersConstruction
637133Building Structure CleanersConstruction
647413Electrical Line Installers and RepairersConstruction
659313Building Construction WorkersConstruction
669999Other (with Description)Construction
  67  5120  Domestic CooksDomestic and Hosehold Workers
  68  9111  Domestic Cleaners and HelpersDomestic and Hosehold Workers
  69  9999  Other (with Description)Domestic and Hosehold Workers
705312Tutors and Other Teacher Aides (Home tutors, Coaching centre tutors etc)Education
719999Other (with Description)Education
  72  7411  Building and Related ElectriciansElectronics & HW
  73  7421Electronic Mechanics and Servicers( home appliances etc)Electronics & HW
747422Information and Communications Technology Installers and Servicers (networking and surveillance workers etc)  Electronics & HW
  75  8212Electrical and Electronic Equipment AssemblersElectronics & HW
  76  9999  Other (with Description)Electronics & HW
  77  7511Butchers, Fishmongers and Related Food Preparers  Food Industry
787512Bakers, Pastry Cooks and Confectionery MakersFood Industry
797513Dairy Products MakersFood Industry
809411Fast Food PreparersFood Industry
819999Other (with Description)Food Industry
  82  8189Gem and Jewellery Machine Operators (Artisans and Workers)Gem & Jewellery
839999Other (with Description)Gem & Jewellery
  84  8181Glass and Ceramics Plant Operators and workersGlass & Ceramics
  85  9999  Other (with Description)Glass & Ceramics
  86  7316Signwriter, Decorative Painters, Engravers and EtchersHandicrafts & Carpets
  87  7317Handicraft Workers in Wood, Basketry and Related MaterialsHandicrafts & Carpets
887318Handicraft Workers in Textiles , Leather and related materials (Carpet Workers etc)  Handicrafts & Carpets
  89  8152Weaving and Knitting Machine Operators (Machine Carpet Weavers etc)Handicrafts & Carpets
  90  9999  Other (with Description)Handicrafts & Carpets
912265Dietician/Diet AssistantsHealthcare
923212Phlebotomy TechniciansHealthcare
933222Anganwadi and Aasha Workers etc.Healthcare
943252Medical Record AssistantHealthcare
        95        3253Front line Workers (For COVID and other Medical Equipment Support, Home Care Support, Emergency Care Support, Advanced Care Support, Basic Care Support )        Healthcare
963255Therapy Assistants (Yoga etc.)Healthcare
975311Child Care Workers, Ayah,GovernessHealthcare
985322Home-Based Personal Care Workers (home health aids, Nurses, etc.)Healthcare
996116Miscellaneous (sample collectors, distributers)Healthcare
1009999Other (with Description)Healthcare
  101  7535Pelt Dressers, Tanners and FellmongersLeather Industry Works
  102  7536  Shoemakers and Related WorkersLeather Industry Works
  103  8156Shoe Making and Related Machine OperatorsLeather Industry Works
  104  9999  Other (with Description)Leather Industry Works
1057542Shotfirers and BlastersMining
1068111Miners and QuarriersMining
1078112Crusher Operator, MineralMining
1088113Well Drillers and Borers and Related WorkersMining
1099311Mining and Quarrying LabourersMining
1109999Other (with Description)Mining
1112636Religious ProfessionalsMiscellaneou s
1123435Other Artistic and Cultural Associates (Tattoo Artist, Floral Designer)  Miscellaneou s
1134226Receptionist (General) & Front Desk AssistantsMiscellaneou s
1144412Mail Carriers and Sorting ClerksMiscellaneou s
1155152Domestic HousekeepersMiscellaneou s
1165211Stall and Market Salespersons (Tellecaller, Shop Attendant/Sales Assistant)  Miscellaneou s
1175243Door-to-Door Salespersons (Hawkers etc)Miscellaneou s
1189510Street and Related Service WorkersMiscellaneou s
1199520Street Vendors (Food and Excluding Food)Miscellaneou s
1209611Garbage and Recycling CollectorsMiscellaneou s
1219621Messengers, Package Deliverers & Luggage PortersMiscellaneou s
1229623Meter Readers and Vending Machine CollectorsMiscellaneou s
1239999Other (with Description)Miscellaneou s
  124  7312Musical Instrument Makers and TunersMusical Instruments
  125  9999  Other (with Description)Musical Instruments
    126    9112Cleaners and Helpers in Offices, Hotels and Other EstablishmentsOffice Administratio n & Facility Management
    127    9999    Other (with Description)Office Administratio n & Facility Management
1284225Inquiry Clerks (Shop sale assistants etc.)Organised Retail
1299999Other (with Description)Organised Retail
1307323Print Finishing and Binding WorkersPrinting
1318132Photographic Products Machine OperatorsPrinting
1329999Other (with Description)Printing
1335414Security Guards and Security SupervisorsPrivate Security
1349999Other (with Description)Private Security
1353411Legal and Related Associate WorkersProfessionals
1363412Social Work Associate WorkersProfessionals
1379999Other (with Description)Professionals
1385223Shop Sales AssistantsRetail
1399999Other (with Description)Retail
1408157Laundry Machine OperatorsService
1419121Hand Launderers and PressersService
1429999Other (with Description)Service
  143  8151Fibre Preparing, Spinning and Winding Machine OperatorsTextile & Handloom
  144  8154Bleaching, Dyeing and Cleaning Machine OperatorsTextile & Handloom
  145  9999  Other (with Description)Textile & Handloom
  146  7516Tobacco Preparers and Tobacco Products (Bidi Makers, Snuff Makers and Chewing Tobacco Makers)Tobacco Industry
1479999Other (with Description)Tobacco Industry
  148  5113  Travel GuidesTourism & Hospitality
  149  5122  Cook InstitutionalTourism & Hospitality
  150  5131  WaitersTourism & Hospitality
  151  5153  Building CaretakersTourism & Hospitality
  152  9412  Kitchen HelpersTourism & Hospitality
  153  9999  Other (with Description)Tourism & Hospitality
1547523Wood Working Machine Tool Setters and OperatorsWood & Carpentry
1558172Wood Processing Plant OperatorsWood & Carpentry
1569999Other (with Description)Wood & Carpentry

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